jspx : Hello SourceForge

For more than 10 months, JSPX has been under development and testing.

jspx was initially developed in Feb 2008. where the basic features and main core of the framework was put together.
Releasing jspx to community was made early July 2008. where many reviews were received then.
java.net was chosen as the initially community preview hosting site.

The development of jspx continued since then till now, as we are approaching the release of beta build with the entrance of the new year.

This month we decided (the small community of jspx Development Team) to take the project to the next step of publishing. SourceForge.

We believe that SourceForge has a wide base of audience where we can gain more reviews.

Although the presence of another project under the same name, and almost sharing the same purpose, we believe that we can deliver something different.

Jspx has been used and employed in more than 5 Large Enterprise Projects. which are all for a large Enterprise Company has customers more than 50 million customer all over the world.

one of these project has a hit rate over a million per day.

and in all jspx proved its useful and intended advantages.

We really consider adding our project in SourceForge as a huge step to make this very useful framework a common way to deliver fast reliable web applications in java

Posted by amr eladawy 2008-12-12

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