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JSP Controls Tag Library 0.6 has been released

New features:

* removed hardcoded Javascript from JSP tags, using Behaviour.js instead.
* rewritten Tabbed Notebook tags - it cannot get simpler than that:

<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8"%>
<%@ taglib uri="http://jspcontrols.net/tags/core" prefix="jc" %>
<jc:component id="Notebook1">
<jc:tabpage label="Tab1">
<p>Tab1 content goes here.</p>
<jc:tabpage label="Tab2" roles="admin, dev">
<p>Tab2 content goes here.</p>
</jc:component>... read more

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2006-04-10

JSP Controls Tag Library 0.5 has been released

New features, bugfixes, and simplified usage.

* Accept tag is removed
* Special format for event is removed, just use any request key you like
* Ajax request sequencing now works
* It is possible to define dependency of components from "master" component
* Added Prepare tag that exports important URLs to page context; now
you can use plain HTML to build forms and links, and to insert proper
reload expressions using values exported by Prepare tag. These are:... read more

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2006-03-13

JSP Controls Tag Library 0.4 has been released

Added Tab Component, Tigris and Yahoo styles

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2006-01-29

JSP Controls Tag Library 0.3 is released

JSP Controls Tag Library is maturing and getting easier to use. Among the changes are new tags and new sample.

Form, Link and Submit tags hide all internal machinery under the hood of the Library, making you task of creating component markup easier.

New Tab Component sample shows that event can be triggered using a link much in the same manner how it is triggered by submitting a form.

Project website: http://jspcontrols.sourceforge.net/
Live demo: http://www.superinterface.com/jspcontrols/
How to build tab component: http://www.jroller.com/page/javadujour/20060110

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2006-01-11

JSP Controls Tag Library 0.2 is released

Notes to version 0.2:

* Hidden field in component HTML form is no more needed
* It is possible to update several components in Ajax mode
* It is possible to set target location in Reload tag
* Bugfixes

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2005-12-26

JSP Controls Tag Library 0.1 is released

JSP Controls is a solution for building portlet-like web components, it uses JSP technology enhanced with less than a dosen of new tags. It does not require to learn a new API or to set up a portal engine.

The simple Reloadable Page Fragments (RPF) technology provides support both for Javascript-enabled clients as well as for more restrictive environments where Javascript is not allowed.

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2005-12-12

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