JSP Controls Tag Library 0.5 has been released

New features, bugfixes, and simplified usage.

* Accept tag is removed
* Special format for event is removed, just use any request key you like
* Ajax request sequencing now works
* It is possible to define dependency of components from "master" component
* Added Prepare tag that exports important URLs to page context; now
you can use plain HTML to build forms and links, and to insert proper
reload expressions using values exported by Prepare tag. These are:


See their usage in Login/Logout example.

* Default key for selected view is called:


You can use it with Render tags or in Tab component.
See Tab component example.

* Login/Logout example shows several JSP Control usage techniques:

- Defines relationship between components with Attach tag

- uses JSTL conditional tags to select a view
- views themselves are defined in separate JSP files,
yet component URL is resolved correctly when form is submitted

- submits HTML form with GET
- uses standard HTML form and input tags
- uses page variables instantiated by Prepare tag

- uses JSP Controls tags for HTML form and submit button
- form is submitted with POST

* Ajax engine now properly submits POST with POST and GET with GET.

Posted by Michael Jouravlev 2006-03-13

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