2010/8/30 Christian Auby <christian@auby.no>
If I create a Json::Value like this:

Json::Value v;

v["b"] = 5;
v["c"] = 6;
v["a"] = 7;

The order in the created JSON output string will be a, b and c. Is it possible to have them appear in the order they were first assigned (created if you will)? This would aid a lot in debugging as the values will appear in the order they are in the code. I also seem to have read in one of the specifications that in one specific case the order was significant, but I can't for the life of me find it again.

I don't remember ever seeing this features. The other JSON  implementation I know, such as python json module, use an unordered map to store the key/value association. At best, you can usually hint that you would like key to be sorted alphabetically when encoding the data in JSON.


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