Json-lib 2.0 released

Dear Open Source Community,
I'm pleased to announce that Json-lib version 2.0 has been released.

JSON-lib is a java library for transforming beans, maps and XML to JSON and back again to beans and DynaBeans. It is based on the work by Douglas Crockford in http://www.json.org/java.


Added StringMetaClass for type conversion
Added ArrayListMetaClass for type conversion
Added HashMapMetaClass for type conversion
Added primitive support for JSONObject.accumulate()
JSONObject.element() will not call accumulate() as it previously did
Removed duplicated code on JSONObject and JSONArray
Renamed JSONObject.putOpt to JSONObject.elementOpt
Renamed JSONObject.put to JSONObject.element
Renamed JSONArray.put to JSONArray.element
Added assertNull and assertNotNull to JSONAssert

1753528 Bean property of type String is transformed to JSONArray. Thanks to sckimos[at] gmail[dot]com
1751973 Make exceptions thrown by toBean() more explicit. Thanks to Oliver Zyngier
1748029 Add JRuby support
1747394 Support cycle detection in static builders
1746838 JDK 1.4 compatibility. Thanks to Marcelo Liberato (provided a patch)
1746272 JSONArray.put(long) not behaving properly for longs > 1L < < 62. Thanks to Mathias Herberst (provided a patch)
1739066 Error in Attributes conversion from xml to json in 2.0a2
1739247 Add readFromFile to XMLSerializer
1728997 Add a JSONBuilder (like Grails)
1728997 Add leftShift (Groovy) operator support
1728993 Make JSONObject/JSONArray Comparable
1683562 Support for preventing JavaScript Hijacking in web env
1681775 Add SAX-like event support
1715483 Skip transient field in a class Fixes 1715483. Andres Almiray
1656299 Make JSONArray an implementation of java.util.List
1656297 Make JSONObject an implementation of java.util.Map
1636658 Add type handler support
1656300 Add POGO support
1694877 option to remove the double-quote around the property name
1713184 JSONAssert accepts unequal JSONArrays, JSONObjects. Thanks to dcrosta[at] users[dot]sourceforge[dot] net (provided a patch)
1719662 JSONUtils.stripQuotes generates an Exception. Thanks to Rodrigo Pantoni and Thomas Spiegl
1693658 Optional space trimming when reading XML
1693654 Optional removal of namespace prefixes when reading XML
1693652 Skip namespaces when reading from XML

Posted by aalmiray 2007-07-20

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