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JSMock 1.2 Released

JSMock 1.2 adds support for mixing in jsmock into a testcase and automatically performing verification on tear down.

Posted by dewindj 2007-02-24

JSMock 1.1.3 released

Changed expect method to expects method, expect method can still be used however (it is an alias to expects)

Fixed bug that did not display regular expression arguments correctly

Posted by dewindj 2006-12-27

JSMock 1.1.2 released

- Refactored out crufty evals
- Fixed bug that didn't recognize a return value of a stubbed function (andStub)

Posted by dewindj 2006-11-18

JSMock 1.1 released

JSMock 1.1 released

Posted by dewindj 2006-09-25

JSMock 1.0 released

JSMock is a fully featured Mock Object library for JavaScript that provides the necessary tools to do effective interactive based testing.

Posted by dewindj 2006-08-07

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