jsMath 3.5 released

JsMath v3.5 has been released. JsMath is a JavaScript program that allows you to incorporate mathematical notation into your HTML web pages without the need for complicated preprocessing, unreadable markup languages, or downloading plugins. It runs in most modern browsers, and it is well suited for use within blogs and other content-management systems. The input language is LaTeX, so many mathematicians already know how to enter equations using jsMath.

This update fixes a number of timing issues with easy/load.js, problems with \boldsymbol, \font, and \newcommand, and alignment and clipping problems with MSIE. New features include the aligned, gathered, and equation LaTeX environments, the \verb command, and an autobold extension that lets mathematics within bold text automatically appear in bold. This version also includes support for Firefox3, whose changed same-origin security policy necessitated changes in how jsMath handles the loading of external files.

Visit the jsMath web site at:

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Posted by Davide P. Cervone 2008-03-27

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