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  • Anonymous - 2010-03-15

    I raised this issue some time ago, and the bug report was closed with a 'Later' status (bug 2854373). Are there any plans here to get around the IE8 bugs? or maybe MS is planning to upgrade its javascript soon?

  • Davide P. Cervone

    It was marked as postponed because you were using a very outdated version of jsMath (3.4f when the current version is 3.6c).  I pointed out that a number of the changes between those versions were to address IE alignment problems, and asked you to update and report back whether you still had the same problems.  We did not hear from you again, and so did not revisit the issue.  Have you tried version 3.6c?  If so, and you are still having the same problem, can you be more specific about what that is, and where it occurs?  A URL of an example page that exhibits the problem(s) would be helpful.


    PS, IE9 is due out any time now, so I'm sure we will have a whole new set of problems to deal with.

  • Anonymous - 2010-03-15

    Davide,  I'm not meaning to criticize - I think you do a fantastic job with this project and have more patience with IE issues than I could ever muster, but at the time of the bug report we were running 3.6c (it's mentioned in the bug report), and there are full details of the issues in the file attachment there. The issue is simply misplaced maths in both inline and displaymath modes. It overlays other text and it happens a lot.

    A more recent example is at


  • Davide P. Cervone

    Sorry.  I think you may have referenced the wrong bug number in your earlier message.  Bug 2854373 reads:

    we are using jsMath 3.4f

    1.We have trouble with MSIE8 mis-aligning the answers for multiple choice problems
    2.when the formulae is framed by using the symbols, they are shown properly in
    all other browsers(FireFox3.0.5,MSIE6,Safari 3.1.x) but failing only in MSIE8

    which states the user was running 3.4f.  You must mean bug 2874776, which states

    Quite a few problems are visible at in IE8 now.
    Dropped square roots. Uncentred and dropped display maths. Small sample
    The misformatting persists with fonts, images, images plus scaling. The
    problems do not show up in IE6 or IE7 or FF or Safari.

    I actually do have a 3.6d revision that should address the problem, but have been slow in getting it out (there are a number of steps required, and I just haven't been able to take time to do them all).  I will try to get it out for you soon.  Sorry for the long delay.

    In the meantime, you might consider forcing IE7 emulation (which will be faster anyway).  You can do that by inserting a <meta> tag in the <head> of the page:

    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" >

    That will force IE7 emulation, which runs faster, and should not show the alignment problem.   Perhaps that will help until I get 3.6d out the door.


  • Anonymous - 2010-03-15

    Ah, sorry about the mix-up. That's a useful tip. I'll try it.

  • Anonymous - 2010-03-15

    It worked! Wish I'd known about that before.

  • Davide P. Cervone


    I didn't know about the <meta> tag myself when you originally posted or I'd have mentioned it then.  I only learned about it earlier this year.  Glad it worked, though.



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