What am I doing wrong?

  • Ariel Balter

    Ariel Balter - 2008-03-25
    • Davide P. Cervone

      You should use $$...$$ or \[...\] to indicate a displayed equation rather than \begin{equation}...\end{equation}.  The error messages are complaining about this environment not being defined in jsMath.  That is mostly because of historical reasons involving how jsMath developed.  It probably should be added.  Of course, you can define the environment yourself by adding


      to your file.  If you want this to be defined all the time, you could create a directory in the jsMath directory called "local" and create a file in that directory called "local.js" that contains


      and then edit your jsMath/easy/load.js file so that the loadFiles line is:

      loadFiles: ["extensions/newcommand.js","local/local.js"],

      and that should do it.

      Good luck.



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