tex2math in 3.6b

  • David A Oliver

    David A Oliver - 2009-04-01

    Configuration: jsMath 3.6b, Local server,  Firefox 3.08, using easy load.

    Although the activating flags are set  in load.js , viz:

    processSlashParens: 1,       // process \(...\) in text?
      processSlashBrackets: 1,     // process \[...\] in text?
      processDoubleDollars: 1,     // process $$...$$ in text?
      processSingleDollars: 1,     // process $...$ in text?
      processLaTeXenvironments: 0, // process \begin{xxx}...\end{xxx} outside math mode?
      fixEscapedDollars: 1,        // convert \$ to $ outside of math mode?
      doubleDollarsAreInLine: 0,   // make $$...$$ be in-line math?
      allowDisableTag: 0,          // allow ID="tex2math_off" to disable tex2math?

    conventional LaTex expressions are not being processed and converted to the appropriate HTML tags suggesting tex2math is either not loading or is not working.

    Expressions are processed properly if the <div class = "math"> tags  are input by hand.

    The tex2math plugin is in its appropriate place in the plugin directory.



    • Davide P. Cervone

      I am not able to reproduce your situation either on Mac OS X or Windows.  Are you using one of these, or are you using Linux?

      Do you have any extensions to Firefox installed?  If so, do you get the same behaviour if those extensions are disabled?

      Are there any errors listed in the javascript console that might relate to this?



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