Changing the jsMath default Font

  • narm

    narm - 2009-06-29


    First of all thanks for creating an excellent software package.  I have installed the package on my web site and it works fine.  Now I need to do a customization, so that all math is rendered in image fonts.  The default option renders no so pleasing output in IE8 on Vista.  So, how do I change the default "Autoselect best font" to "Use image fonts" on the server, so that the user need not change it on the browser using the jsMath button.  I have installed all fonts on the server.


    • Davide P. Cervone

      Here's one way to do what you request:  In your jsMath/easy/load.js, just before the "Do not modify below this" comment, add:

      jsMath.Controls = {cookie: {font: 'symbol', autofont: 0}};

      That should force the symbols-only image font mode (the usual default).  Note that this disables the TeX fonts on ALL browsers, not just IE8 under Vista.

      Can you tell me what issues you have with these fonts on Vista?  I don't have access to it to try it out.



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