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Different Font

  • ömer

    ömer - 2008-07-31


    I am making a math site and I want to use jsMath for the maths. But I want to use non-serif fonts for formulaes (arial...). Is it possible? Thanks in advance.


    • Davide P. Cervone

      No, this is not really possible.  The jsMath TeX fonts are serif fonts because they are based on the TeX Computer Modern fonts.  The image fallback fonts are rasterized versions of these same fonts, so are also serif fonts.  If you use the symbols-only image fallback mode, then the letters and numbers are taken from the default serif font.  You can change that using

          .typeset .cmr10 {font-family: Arial ! important}

      but that will only affect the symbol-only fallback and unicode fallback modes (under some circumstances).  Those who have installed the jsMath TeX fonts will not be affected.


    • ömer

      ömer - 2008-08-04

      Thank you very much. It's an amazing script.


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