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  • Phoeagon

    Phoeagon - 2010-10-10

    I'm planning to display the equations with TEX fonts, which are provided on my server. A CSS file is embedded to define a "jsMath-****" like fonts and guide the browsers to load it from my server, which works fine if I manually set some text to that font.
    The problem is, jsMath detects no TEX font on the client and refuse to emit the TEX-font settings to the browser.
    So can I force jsMath to generate equations in TEX fonts without even detecting?

  • Davide P. Cervone

    I assume you are using @font-face CSS directives to access the fonts on your server.  The problem with this is that the fonts are loaded asynchronously, and so are not available immediately when they are requested (the browser may use a different font initially and then substitute the web-based font when it arrives).  So when jsMath checks for the availability of the jsMath font, that starts the loading of the font, but jsMath doesn't know to wait for it to arrive and (since the text is set in another font at that point), it figures the jsMath fonts are not available.

    JsMath does not have a mechanism for waiting for fonts to be available, so what you are proposing is not going to be easy to do, and I don't recommend doing it.   (Also, you would need to provide the jsMath fonts in several other formats in order to make this work for most browsers.)

    You might consider looking at MathJax, the successor to jsMath, which uses web-based fonts by default.  See for more details.



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