typo in jsMath-easy-load.js

  • Kenneth Tilton

    Kenneth Tilton - 2010-07-31

    There's a reference to jsMath.Fonts.extra_message. s/b jsMath.Font.extra_message (singular on "Font")

  • Davide P. Cervone

    Thanks, yes.  I had already found that in April and fixed it, but haven't made a new release since then.  Can it be that long since there was a release?


  • Kenneth Tilton

    Kenneth Tilton - 2010-08-12

    >> Can it be that long since there was a release?

    I imagine MathJax is keeping you pretty busy. :) Thanks again for making this possible: teamalgebra dot com.

    btw, is there a simple API call for printing a dom object? Sophisticated users could use the jsMath tools, but I am thinking about kids. I am thinking I could pull all the problems in a group into a temporary panel, let them add name/date/teacher, then call the jsMath print function on the top of that dom tree. Mind you, I could just search the code and will do so eventually :).


  • Davide P. Cervone

    JsMath doesn't include anything specific to printing (other than some CSS to prevent the jsMath button from printing, and to add a message to the page when image mode is used in low resolution).  There is no separate jsMath print function.  There is a print button on the control panel because in "Global" mode (which used frames), that lets you print the page in browsers that don't print the frames properly.

    To do what you want, I think the usual approach is to open a new window that contains the material to be printed, and then print that simplified page.



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