Disable the ShowFontWarnings w/o using easy.

JB Bowden
  • JB Bowden

    JB Bowden - 2009-05-17

    Hi everyone.

    Just want to throw out how wonderful a product i think jsMath is. I am using it on my wiki (www.wikiengineer.com) as an equation editor and it has been able to do everything I want (and more)

    I'll start my question by just mentioning that by no means am i a javascript expert, I can understand and read code, but js was never a language that I jumped into (which is a shame i know).  My problem is that I would like to remove the fonts warning that loads at the top of the page. Which would be very easy to do in easy mode (easy/load.js) but the wiki i'm using loads up plugins/autoload.js. And i can't find where the variable is to change.

    I tried changing the autoload.js to the load.js file and started getting an error: something like "jsMath wasn't able to intitialize properly (error -7). We'll keep working but things may get funky". I'd never had this error before so something in the switch between the plugins/autoload.js and the easy/load.js did it I assume.

    Therefore, using the plugins/autoload.js file to intialize jsMath, how can I remove the fonts warning?

    Once again, wonderful product, and I really like it's versatility. Keep up the excellent work!


    JB Bowden

    • Davide P. Cervone

      Thanks for your kind words about jsMath.  I'm glad you have found it useful in your wiki.

      The problem with easy/load.js may be that you need to specify the "root" value explicitly in that file.  Try that and see if it helps.  I have tried the test pages for jsMath and they seem to work, including the one that uses easy/load.js, so I'm not sure what the trouble is for you.  If you set up a page that uses it, I can take a look and see if I can figure out what is going wrong.  Note that you will want to remove the script at the bottom of the page that does jsMath.Autoload.Check() and jsMath.Process(document), as they are not needed with easy/load.js.  Also, since your wiki is putting out explicit SPAN and DIV tags for jsMath, you don't need to use the tex2math preprocessor, and so can disable the processDoubleDollars and related values in easy/load.js.

      As far as removing the font warning, that is discussed at


      and there are several alternatives.  The one that sets jsMath.Font.Message is probably the best one.

      Hope that does the trick for you.



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