Option to disable @(...)

  • Tommy Ekola

    Tommy Ekola - 2008-01-24


    I have been working on integrating jsMath with mediawiki (see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:JsMath\) and I have a small problem.

    Mediawiki will not let wiki users insert their own html tags on pages for security reasons, but with jsMath you can easily insert arbitrary html tags with the @(...) command inside an hbox environment. I would therefore very much like to be able to turn off this @(...) feature. What I would like is an option like

      DisableInsertingHtmlTags = 1;  // Turn off @(...)?

    in easy/load.js that would make anything inside @(...) disappear.

    Is this something that could be added to the next version of jsMath?

    /Tommy Ekola

    • Davide P. Cervone

      Yes, that would be fairly easy to do, and is a good idea.  It might also be nice to have a list of allowed tags rather than just disabling it entirely (though I suppose that would allow people to enter tags without a matching close tag, and that could still be used to mess up the display).  I will add something to the next version of jsMath that allows you to control this better.  I'll also have to filter out &lt;...&gt; since that would get turned into <...> and then parsed as a tag.  So it is a little more complicated that it originally seems.  Anyway, it can be done.

      BTW, I have seen your MediaWiki plugin, and it is very nice work.  Thanks for your support of jsMath.



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