Conversion of TeX documents to html ?

  • Damir Buskulic

    Damir Buskulic - 2008-06-04


    Is there a tool to convert a document from latex to html that would use jsMath ? It would be much better than latex2html or tex4ht for example, that generate html code with pictures for formulae. Maybe this is an already answered question... ?
    Would it be "simple" to go from latex2html and instead of generating pictures, just replace them by the right jsMath lines, mainly a copy of the latex mathematical code ?


    • Davide P. Cervone

      My understanding is that tex4ht already HAS a jsMath output mode (don't know about latex2html).  See

      for an example, and try googling "jsmath tex4ht" for more links.


      • Damir Buskulic

        Damir Buskulic - 2008-06-04

        I didn't notice it before.
        This should do the trick.

        Thanks very much !

    • Andy Nield

      Andy Nield - 2009-06-04

      You could also use

      which enables you to directly embed a LaTeX document into a webpage and display the mathematics using jsMath or MathML



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