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sprint fonts not working for me

  • guido-o

    guido-o - 2008-04-07

    I was trying 3.5 with the sprint fonts and without the other fonts and I had no fonts installed on my computer. I just would like to check if the sprint fonts alone work nicely. It worked in konqueror but Firefox displayed a mess of all symbols all over the browser window. Internet explorer did not display any transformations and just showed the tex stuff.
    Am I doing something wrong or it this still work in progress?


    • Davide P. Cervone

      The sprite image fonts turned out to be a nice idea that didn't work very well, and they haven't been maintained.  As changes have been made elsewhere in the code, it appears that the spriteImageFonts plugin is now broken in a number of browsers (FireFox and IE in particular).  So I guess you should not consider the sprite fonts as a viable alternative to the traditional image fonts at this point.  (Note that the documentation for the sprite fonts did indicate that they were experimental, and had a number of problems, so might be dropped in the future.)

      I'm sorry to say that they are probably not going to be fixed any time soon.


    • guido-o

      guido-o - 2008-04-08

      Thanks for your answer,

      we can life with the image fonts but I liked the idea of an alternative smaller font set and wanted it to try out. If you continue the work we would appreciate it as it is a great project. We use jsMath in our wiki of the Learning Management System called OLAT (

      Some more suggestions:

      I upgraded to the lastest version which tries to load files via "document.write". This mechanism does not work for us as we have a component based GUI framework where we use an ajax transport mechanism to replace only dirty parts of the user interface by dom replacement. Therefore document.write does not work and may be also in many other ajax based applications where you would like to load jsMath upon request. May be you find an other solution for this... scriptaculous is doing somethis similar which works in our case.


      • Davide P. Cervone

        OK, I will put the sprite fonts back on my list of things to try to update, but I can't give you a timeframe for it, and there is no guarantee that I will get it to work again.

        As for the document.write() issue, it's true that the easy/load.js file does use this, but jsMath can certainly be used without that, and in particular, the autoload plugin can be used to manage jsMath in an Ajax setting, though you will have to do the configuring by hand.  If you can get the autoload.js file to be loaded by the GUI framework, then you can probably get jsMath to work in your dynamic setting.  You would need to call jsMath.Autoload.ReCheck() when the content of the page changes (so that the math will be processed).  You could set jsMath.Autoload.checkElement before calling ReCheck() to the DOM element to be checked if you want to restrict the jsMath processing to a specific part of the page.

        See the documentation for the autoload plugin for more details.  If you have troubles, let me know.



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