Why doesn't \emph work?

  • Steve La Rocque

    Steve La Rocque - 2010-03-15

    Hi all.  Any reason why jsMath doesn't seem to interpret \emph{Hello World}?

    For example, the TeX abstract delimited by ====== below:

    In this paper, we study a long existing open problem on Landsberg metrics in Finsler geometry. We consider Finsler metrics defined by a Riemannian metric and a $1$-form on a manifold. We show that a \emph{regular} Finsler metric in this form is Landsbergian if and only if it is Berwaldian. We further show that there is a two-parameter family of functions, $\phi=\phi(s)$, for which there are a Riemannian metric $\alpha$ and a $1$-form $\beta$ on a manifold $M$ such that the scalar function $F=\alpha \phi (\beta/\alpha)$ on $TM$ is an almost regular Landsberg metric, but not a Berwald metric.

    …is nicely interpreted by jsMath, but for the \emph{regular} which is undigested.

    Check http://www.cms.math.ca/10.4153/CJM-2009-064-9 and flip the Format: between jsMath and Latex to see what I mean.

    Any clues would be helpful!

  • Davide P. Cervone

    The reason is that jsMath only handles the mathematical macros from TeX, not the text macros.  The idea is that jsMath is supposed to do the things that are hard in HTML (the mathematics) and let HTML do the things it's good at (like putting something in italics).  JsMath was never intended to be a complete TeX implementation (and it isn't), and it does not process any text-mode macros.


  • Steve La Rocque

    Steve La Rocque - 2010-03-16

    Thanks Davide.  That makes sense.  Makes my life harder; but it makes sense.


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