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jsMath in Trac

  • Ariel Balter

    Ariel Balter - 2009-05-04

    I am trying to use jsMath in Trac.  I added the usual easy_load.js script line into the template as I usually do for wiki/cms systems.  It renders some math, but makes some mistakes too.  Sample page in same web-space using same jsMath installation works fine.

    Has anyone else had issues with Trac?

    Thanks, Ariel

    • Davide P. Cervone


      If the jsMath installation is working on the sample page, then I suspect that the issue may have to do with a bad interaction between the CSS used for the page and jsMath's layout.  This has certainly happened in the past.  One thing to try would be to comment out the CSS files loaded by the page (if you can) and see if the math displays properly without them.  If so, then add the files in one at a time until you find the one containing the problem.  Then comment out sections of the CSS until you can narrow it down to one thing.

      Is the effect browser dependent?  (E.g., is it only in Internet Explorer, for example?)

      Can you be more specific about what mistakes you see?



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