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  • David A Oliver

    David A Oliver - 2009-07-12

    jsMath catches this error:

    Extra TeX fonts not found:  jsMath-msam10

    But this "extra"  font (and its ttf file) has indeed been downloaded and is in the fonts directory.




    • Davide P. Cervone

      What browser and operating system are you using?

      • David A Oliver

        David A Oliver - 2009-07-14

        OS X 10.5.7, Firefox 3.0.11

        • Davide P. Cervone

          I am not able to reproduce the problem (though I am running 10.4 rather than 10.5).  Are you sure the jsMath-msam10.ttf file is in the correct location, and that you have restarted the browser after putting it there?  Are you able to use see the jsMath-msam10 font in a word processor, and if so, can you switch to it and type characters from that font?

          You might try downloading the .ttf file again and reinstalling it.  Perhaps it has been corrupted during the transfer.


          • David A Oliver

            David A Oliver - 2009-07-15

            Thanks for the effort. I should also have mentioned that the symbol (\geqslant) displayed correctly in spite of the jsMath warning message.

            For other reasons I  reconfigured the local server directory leaving the jsMath directory completely unchanged but putting the HTML file calling load.js on the same level as jsMath (in the previous, it was was in the test subdirectory). Now the symbol displays properly (as before) but no warning is given. Strange.

            Equally noteworthy, If I remove msam from the font directory, I expected the warning message to appear. But instead the symbol fails to display (blank character) but no jsMath warning message appears. Is this your experience?

            At present all is working properly with the font installed, and I am willing to proceed with no further studies of this problem though, as in many programming situations, one is left with a sense that there is an unresolved minor issue lurking somewhere.

            Thanks for your attention,


            • Davide P. Cervone

              The font warning is to inform you that you don't have the .ttf file for the font, and that it will fall back on images of the characters in the font, so the symbol will still show up, but the quality may suffer, especially in printed versions.  You should still see correct mathematics, however.

              About moving load.js, I don't know why that would make a difference.  I would have to know more about the situation before being able to diagnose that one.  (BTW, load.js is a JavaScript file, not an HTML file.  Also, its default location is jsMath/easy, not jsMath/test.)

              In terms of moving the msam directory, I assume you mean the msam10 directory in the jsMath/fonts folder on the server.  If that folder is not in its correct location, jsMath will fail to process the font at all (the definition file for the font is in that directory), and the math equation that referred to msam would not be typeset (but the rest of the page would).  No message would appear, as the message is produced by the code in the definition file, which jsMath didn't have access to once you moved the directory.

              I think you may have missunderstood the message and where the files should go.  The warning message says that the browser was not able to find the jsMath-msam10.ttf file on the client's computer.  This has nothing to do with the server; the .ttf file should be in the user's system fonts folder (which differs depending on the operating system).  The msam10 folder goes on the server (not the jsMath-msam10.ttf file), and it should be in the jsMath/fonts folder where you originally had it.  If jsMath can't find the .ttf file, it uses the images in the jsMath/fonts/msam10 subdirectories in place of the native font file.

              Hope that clears things up.



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