Race condition

  • Anonymous - 2010-01-11

    My boss has a problem.  She moved to the country, and is now on dialup.   When she tries to view my website, the "Loading jsMath" warning on the bottom left appears, and never goes away.  The entire website is locked down.  My theory, is that a race condition is occurring.  Any thoughts at to why this may be happening.  I am also using Scriptaculous.js on this web page, and the boss is using IE.

    Any help on getting this to work for her would be appreciated. 

    Thanks for the wonderful product!


  • Davide P. Cervone

    Some questions:

    What version of windows is your boss using?  And what version of IE?

    Does you boss have the jsMath TeX fonts installed on her machine?  If not, ask her to try installing them and see if that helps.  (See http://www.math.union.edu/locate/jsMath/download/jsMath-fonts.html for details).

    Can you look at the web server error logs to see if there are requests for jsMath-related files that are not being satisfied?  This may give a clue as to what is happening.

    Are YOU using IE as well, and does it work for you?  Are you accessing the site through the same URL, or are you using it locally (with a file:// URL)?  Do YOU have the jsMath-TeX fonts installed (or the BaKoMa TeX fonts)?

    Have you run the test files in the jsMath/test directory (in particular, the image fonts test)?  What happens if your boss runs them remotely?

    What exactly do you mean by "locked down"?  Is there perhaps a firewall issue?

    Finally, can you give me access to the website (you can send though email if you prefer) to that I can see better what is going on?

  • Anonymous - 2010-01-12

    She is running Windows XP and IE8.  It was working for her for the last month (except for the IE8 parsing errors) until she moved into the country and started using dialup internet.  She does not have any fonts installed, and will probably refuse to install them.  She will not do any diagnostic tests for me, saying that pdfs are a superior format.   I will start keeping track of the logs to see if I can find something in there.  The website is http://math.davehampson.net/index2.php 

    When she loads the page, the "Loading jsMath….." dialog appears on the bottom left of the screen, and never goes away.  When I say locked down, she is unable to click on any other links, scroll, etc.  The windows version of the spinning beach ball.  She tried to demonstrate this, but this was at school where we have decent internet access, and it all worked OK.

    I have never had this issue when testing, now matter what browser I use.  But then again I am not sure how to throttle my internet to dialup speeds.  I personally don't think it's much of an issue because all of the students will be on campus, and enjoy good network speeds, but my boss is would like to be able to monitor the site from her home.

    Thanks, Dave

  • Davide P. Cervone

    Thanks for the additional information.  I have tried your site using IE8 on XP and have no trouble either.  It does take a little while to laod jsMath, so the message DOES stay up for a while, even at DSL speeds.  Perhaps she is not waiting long enough for the 110K file to be sent to her?  There will also be a fallback file for unicode mode (since she has no fonts) and another for MSIE (if I recall correctly), so there may be a substantial delay on a slow dial-up line.

    Some other things to try:  set the root field in the jsMath/easy/load.js file, just to be sure (IE is particularly bad about getting this right automatically, though it did work fine for me).  Try setting autoload to 0 so that jsMath doesn't use the autoload plugin, but forces jsMath.js to be loaded.

    My own feeling is that she is just not waiting long enough for the (large) files to load.  If she has a modem with LED's that indicate network traffic, perhaps she can tell you if it appears that a download is taking place or not.  It is unfortunate that she is not helpful in trying to diagnose your problem.



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