Latin Modern fonts?

  • ssp

    ssp - 2010-03-15

    jsMath supports the 'old style' scalable CM-fonts.

    By now, the OpenType LM-fonts are available. At least on the Mac the MacTeX installer even offers to install them for the whole system which makes them available to the browser as well.

    I find it preferable to use the LM fonts over the CM fonts as they are much better at dealing with accented characters etc when used in non-TeX applications (and thus are a great tool when putting labels on graphics or so). They also don't litter the font menus as much as the CM fonts do.

    Thus I am wondering whether jsMath could also support the LM-fonts instead of requiring me to install its custom copy of the CM-fonts.

  • Davide P. Cervone

    I was not aware of the LM fonts, so thanks for pointing them out.  After a (rather quick) look at them, it appears that the OpenType versions only include the text fonts, not the math fonts (though the math fonts are there in other formats).  So it looks like they won't be appropriate for use with jsMath.  Even if they were, jsMath would still do its accenting by combining two characters rather than using the pre-existing accented characters (unless jsMath were rewritten to convert to that).  If you entered formulas using the preaccented characters as unicode or UTF data, jsMath would treat them as unknown characters and pass them through unchanged, but there would be no guarantee that your viewers would have fonts to show them appropriately (and there are encoding issues that could also complicate matters).  If jsMath were made to be aware of the extended latin characters, that would require additional image fonts (lots of data), and there may be copyright issues with that.  The LM fonts seem to be GPL licensed, and that is not compatible with the Apache2 license used by jsMath, so I could not supply the image fonts for those.

    So I think the answer is probably "no", I'm sorry to say.


  • ssp

    ssp - 2010-03-15

    Yeah, it seems the math symbols may not be part of the Latin Modern family (yet). A shame that this can't work then, but thanks for checking it out!


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