Reappearance of IE page zoom issue (ctrl +/-)

  • Mike Pearson

    Mike Pearson - 2008-12-05


    Sorry about this - I thought we had this one licked, but I'm now seeing incorrect layout of zoomed pages in IE7 using jsMath3.6a with no patches. The problem is apparent on Page > Zoom when viewing


    • Davide P. Cervone

      No, we didn't have it licked, we just had some workarounds that helped.  We had it working for displayed math, but in-line math can still go wrong, as exhibited in your example. 

      My email record indicates that you had been using letter-spacing:0.04em on the enclosing paragraphs and that that helped the issue.  I also see a suggestion of adding zoom:100% to the .typeset style.

      The zoom feature in IE7 is so badly broken that I don't see any way to work around it in jsMath.  So many things go wrong that it does not seem a reasonable feature for people to use, and I'm not planing to try to support it.


      • Mike Pearson

        Mike Pearson - 2008-12-07

        Davide, yes sorry, I'm going senile, I had forgotten the details of the previous fix and had omitted our end of things when doing the jsMath upgrade.



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