#7 jsMath in Mediawiki IE only


I've recently started using jsMath and if IE tried to use jsMath i get this popup error

"in order for jsMath to be able to load the additional components that it may need, the jsMath.Js file must be loaded from a server in the same domain of the page that contains it. Because that is not the case of this page the mathematics displayed here may not appear correctly."

Then jsMath appears to fail to open a majority of the required files leaving an inoperable control panel and no maths translation.


website: http://kingstonaid.co.uk/index.php?title=EG2080
(This page has a maths equation test)

Please contact me if you require any more information


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    Because of the way that JavaScript security works, jsMath must be served from the same host as the pages that use jsMath. So if your MediaWiki pages are servered from host.company.com, then jsMath must also be installed on host.company.com. It sounds like you are loading jsMath from a different host.

    The MediaWiki plugin for jsMath uses jsMath's easy/load.js file, and that file is where you configure jsMath. Make sure that the "root" is set properly in that file.

    If you think it is properly set and are still having difficulties, you will need to provide more detailed information about your configuration. A pointer to a URL where the problem occurs would be particularly helpful. Your message says you have this problem with IE. Have you tried it in other browsers? Does it work with them? Please be as specific as you can about the circumstances of your situation.


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    OK, I see that you did include a link already. Sorry, I missed it the first time I looked.

    I checked this URL, and it seems to work OK for me with IE6 and IE7, so I don't seem to have the difficulty that you describe. I must assume that you either fixed the problem on your own, or there is something else different about your setup. If you are still having this difficulty, please report additional details, if possible.


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