#23 Synchronize has problems with \cssId{}


The attached HTML file (once you put in the appropriate path to easy/load.js on your system) demonstrates the following problem:
I call jsMath.Process( document ); followed by jsMath.Synchronize( "my code" ); and my code is executed after MOST of the jsMath processing is complete, but not ALL. In the attached file, "my code" just pops up an alert box, which effectively pauses JavaScript processing, allowing you to see behind the alert box that jsMath processing is not yet complete. I am using Safari 4.0.4.
The problem only seems to manifest itself because the \cssId{} is there; replacing \cssId{foo}{3} with 3 fixes the problem. But of course that's not a solution; the \cssId{} feature is one I very much need in my application.


  • Nathan Carter

    Nathan Carter - 2009-10-22

    demonstrates problem in bug report; replace path to easy/load.js with the one from your system

  • Nathan Carter

    Nathan Carter - 2009-10-22

    I should have stated that I'm using jsMath version 3.6b.

  • Davide P. Cervone

    This was fixed in version 3.6c, so I would update to that. There was a subtle timing bug when jsMath.Process() is called more than once (as it is in your case -- once by your explicit call and once by easy/load.js) when an external file is autoloaded (as it is for cssId{}). I think that if you update, you will find that this works as expected. Let me know if that isn't the case.


  • Davide P. Cervone

    • labels: --> Programming interface
    • milestone: --> v3.6b
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Nathan Carter

    Nathan Carter - 2009-10-27

    Upgrading did fix the problem. Thanks!


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