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JSkeleton, java code skeleton generator / News: Recent posts

jskeleton 0.98

- warning: can't load .jskeleton files from previous releases
- uml class diagram in frame; should update as
class is editted

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2001-04-08

release 0.97a

Added UML class diagram dialog
performance improvements - use
offscreen buffer

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-12-17

release 0.95

bug fixes, add save all, copy/paste methods

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-10-09

release 0.94

Major useablity changes. Added a navigation tree
to the main window that let's you click
on the class you want to view/edit. You can now
edit a method body inside the tool. Multiple
windows are allowed for different views of the
same set of classes.

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-10-01

release 0.93a

Fix some obvious bugs, and a few annoying
useability issues.

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-09-24

release 0.93

added ability to edit method body
for user defined methods

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-09-17

release 0.92

* add File->"Open Files from Directory"
* add File->"Save Files to Directory"
* add Build->"Build all Classes"
* add help-> about dialog that displays the version

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-08-05

release 0.91

* whoops need synchronized as a method modifier
* think rules now properly applied to method modifiers
* make sure we don't try to render method body if native or abstract
* add edit dialog for comments and imports.
* add popup and double click listeners to comments and imports
* refactor dialogs
* add ButtonPanel utility classes
* make buttons same width


* Fix bug in table copy - deleted aut set/get methods not really deleted
* refactor TablePanels and TableModels
* fix bug with modifiers on auto Set and Get methods
* whoops - need native modifier for methods

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-07-23

first beta release

This is te first beta release of a java
source skeleton builder. A swing based form
gui is used to configure a given class' options.

Posted by Jean-Pierre Fournier 2000-07-18