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Switch to maven and slf4j

The latest master branch (on github) has now been switched to use Maven and slf4j. This will become version 1.0 in the next week or two.

Posted by Aled Morris 2012-01-09

New release 1.0b8

Version 1.0b8 is now available for download, and contains important bugfixes - all users recommended to evaluate and upgrade.

Posted by Aled Morris 2011-02-28

bugfix release 1.0b2p1.

Finally got around to releasing a new version containing a fix for the NPE in the delete() method.

Anyone using this library should upgrade now.

Posted by Aled Morris 2008-03-02

New release...

Version 1.0b2 released today.

Posted by Aled Morris 2003-10-22

First release!

Version 1.0b1 released today.

Posted by Aled Morris 2003-05-12