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new release

Added a preferences tab, editor colors and settings can now be configured to be different based on the location of the source member that is opened. Finished the system scan panel. Fixed a lot of bugs with the how focus works. The structure panel now looks up file information using the system api's instead of sql. File information now shows all the locations of the file on the system. The formats for the file, number of records, fields and field types. Display files and Printer files now also show their formats, fields and field types in the structure browser. All the information is retrieved from the compiled objects on the system using system api's. Improved field definitions. Select a variable name in the editor and hit the CTRL-ENTER to see where a variable/field is defined, and its type. Key lists are improved to use scope information. Key lists that are inside procedures will only show up inside the procedure they are defined in. Fields defined in a keylist will show up when the user selects the keylist name, then hits CTRL-ENTER. Compile Time Data shows up in the structure panel, and the other nodes are now aware of Compile Time Data. Lots of other bug fixes too of course.

Posted by Derek Van Kooten 2004-10-01

new release

The whole interface is now configurable. You can split and join panels vertically and horizontally in any way you want, as many times as you want. You can drag and drop panels to where ever you want them. you can right click a panel to specify where you want different types of output to go. for example, suppose you want to have all the source files open in a certain panel, but all the spool files open in another panel. just right click on the panels and select what type of output you want to goto that panel. Your settings will be saved and used again the next time the program is run. The as400 terminal now runs directly inside the application as a panel instead of a seperate window. Their are a ton more shortcuts for making navigating the interface easier(hopefully). For example, when you do a search/find in any text component, you can use SHIFT-F4 and SHIFT-F3 to navigate through the results, Also, you can use SHIFT-F6 and SHIFT-F5 for navigating through compile result errors. Most of the as400 commands now execute in a queue, this way, the responsiveness of the application will not be slowed down by long running tasks on the as400, like file copies and such. When a as400 command fails, it is now color coded to show in RED. Blue for success. and Black for the commands. Error help text is also shown after any errors as well now. Source files are NO LONGER LIMITED TO 80 CHARS. It now determines the length of the source file when the member is loaded. It displays a line along the right side so you know when you are typing when you will be beyond whatever the limit is. The stored procedure that was responsible for uploading the source code in bulk has been changed so that it is not created at startup in the QGPL library. When you do a save it will check if a library has been specified, and if not, prompt you for where to put the stored procedure. From then on out it will only prompt you again if for some reason the stored procedure is deleted. I've started work on a "Field Definition" feature. What this is, is when you are in a RPGLE program and see a variable and you dont know where it is defined, you can select the field, then hit CTRL-ENTER, and it will tell you if it is from a file, what file it is from, or if it is a global, a parameter to a procedure, or a local. Also it will tell you what type of variable it is, its length, and any other attributes it might have. Its not quite done yet. It doesnt load in Dspf, or Prtf text yet, And the structure browser still has some bugs in it.

Posted by Derek Van Kooten 2004-08-31

new release

Fixed lots and lots of bugs.
Improved performance.
Reworked some of the interface.
Added some more functionality.
Added some basic refactoring code, needs a LOT of work still.
Changed the way systems are configured and managed to hopefully be easier.
Added ability to click on compile error to bring you to the error.
Added more fields and information on the spool files area.
Improved the run configurations area to be easier to manage and added more options.
Added an area for source file scanning, isnt implemented yet.
Improved the source structure tree to show the files in a source member. Will try to have color coding of icons in tree to signify what type of files are in a source member in future release.
Still hoping to get some feedback on whether or not anyone is having any problems/success with this program. It works for me, wanted to know if there were any bugs on anyone else's systems.

Posted by Derek Van Kooten 2004-01-26