Command Line Bot Name Change?

  • Rich Heimlich

    Rich Heimlich - 2012-11-28

    Howdy. Quiet here but I thought I'd post this all the same. I've been running the very old Java Settlers that Rob Thomas originally put out as it's VERY fast and very portable. For quite a while the devs wouldn't allow that sort of portability but now I see that's no longer a problem. The latest "2" builds are fantastic. The only thing I'm missing from what I had on the older builds is the ability to change the names of the bots to give the game some personalized flavor. I happen to name all of mine after Hitchhikers characters (for example). Would it be possible to add such a feature down the line? A command line parameter for it would be fine though a more permanent solution would be preferable.

  • Jeremy D. Monin

    Jeremy D. Monin - 2012-12-13

    Let me think about this… it shouldn't be a big problem to add it.  In the old builds, how did you specify the names?

    -Jeremy Monin
    JSettlers2 developer

  • Rich Heimlich

    Rich Heimlich - 2012-12-13


    Thanks so much for the consideration. In the old build it was a "simple" matter of editing the source. The bot names were all there to be changed. Obviously that wouldn't be the best path. My thinking was that either a command line argument to pass them each time (including my name!) or a local text file with INI-like entries would be a good approach. The INI path would open up a lot of other possible features down the line. For example, every game I turn off one check box and check another. Having that done automatically via an INI would be great. If the INI isn't there simply run defaults.


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