Jeremy D. Monin - 2012-12-13

Stable version 1.1.17 has been released.

The download page includes a JAR file you can directly run ("practice mode") to test out the new version without starting a server.

Version 1.1.17 contains these features and fixes:

* Road Building: Player may skip (cancel) placing second free road, if they want to use just one road piece
* If jar client can't connect to server, returns to first panel, with buttons to connect or practice
* If try to start server in JSettlers.jar, but port already in use, show message instead of exiting immediately
* If server's debug commands are on, warn at connect
* Get Practice Game options from practice server, not from most recently started game
* If join a server after a practice game, re-enable name and password fields
* Chat text field: If a long line is truncated, keep the rest of it in the textfield
* Debug commands: dev cards: Send card type numbers with help message
* Server DB setup script: Ignore net errors when running script and exiting

For more details, please see the release notes.