Java SETI Monitor / News: Recent posts

Release 1.32

Release 1.32 is now available. Kent, our new developer, contributed some much needed interface fixes which should make JSETIMon a little nicer to use. Also, we've moved everything into the net.sourceforge.jsetimon package. This will help prevent any naming conflicts in the future. See the README file for a summary of changes, or browse the change log in the source for a more complete look at what we have done.

Posted by Adam Jones 2002-04-15

New Developer!

Kent Johnson has been added to the JSETIMon project as a developer. Kent has already contributed to the project by straightening out an issue where the client window did not size correctly when launched, as well as some other user interface issues. Get the latest update from CVS to check it out. Kent is a welcome addition to the project, and his efforts are greatly appreciated.

Posted by Adam Jones 2002-03-25

Version 1.20

Version 1.20 is released. This is a minor bug fix revision. The parsing of the user information page from the SETI@Home website has been modified to reflect the new format. This fixes the username and average cpu time entries for the user.

Posted by Adam Jones 2002-03-22


According to the SourceForge download statistics, the Java SETI Monitor has been downloaded over 1000 times! I'd like to thank and for driving so many visitors here. This has been a fun project for me, and I look forward to implementing new features in the coming year. Thank you JSETIMon users!

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-12-27

Windows Installers

I've created a couple of installers for the windows platform. The JSETIMon-1.18_win32_App_Install.exe is for those who already have the Java 2 Runtime installed. If you aren't sure if you have the runtime installed, or if you think you may have an older version, get JSETIMon-1.18_win32_Full_Install.exe. This will detect your current version of the runtime and install the correct one if necessary.

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-11-28

Release 1.18

Release 1.18 is now available for download as a zip or tarball. New in this revision is support for configurable update rate and configurable sounds for each statistic change event.

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-11-26


The project received a secondary Slashdot effect from an article on The article is located at

Thanks Slashdotters!

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-11-21

Release 1.11 is out!

A stable release is finally out. This is no promise that it is bug free, but it behaves much better than the latest beta release. Download and enjoy!

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-09-22

User's Manual Available

I wrote a brief User's Manual. The manual is available on the documents tab.

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-09-22

Beta Release 1.9

Beta release 1.9 is now available. When the value of "Work Units Completed" for the user changes, a sound is played. This is the only change.

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-09-19

Beta Release Available

A beta release has been made available. The basic functionality of the tool is complete, however bugs do still exist. All development so far has been performed on an Intel (Pentium III) machine running Windows 2000 Professional. I have not been able to test on other platforms or processors. Please submit any trouble you experience. Happy Hunting!

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-09-17

Website Template Completed

The template to be used for the project website is completed and viewable at I wanted to match the look and feel of the SETI@Home website as closely as I could.

Posted by Adam Jones 2001-09-15