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JavaScript Editor PlugIn for Eclipse / News: Recent posts

New AJAX Development project at

Despite the fact that this plug-in has not been re-released since 3.0, people still ask what's going on and how to use it with recent Eclipse releases. Nothing is going on... I've been telling people to use the JavaScript editor in WST since 3.1.

It now looks like someone is trying to improve support for JavaScript/AJAX development with a new top level project - ATF.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2007-02-15

JSEditor and WDTE functionality be taken over by Eclipse WDT

We don't have many details yet, but since WDTE is mostly dead and I have no time to maintain JSEditor (and little use for an OO JavaScript editor) we're looking forward to taking over.

If you're looking for new features you should talk to the WDT team:

For details on support for particular file formats see:

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2005-02-08

Workaround for Eclipse 3.0 Problems

Some users are having problems getting new plugins recognized by the IDE, the solution apparently is to delete the configuration, forcing Eclipse to re-index it's plugins.

This has been discussed here:

Having other problems? Don't hesitate to ask questions or log bugs. That's what sourceforge is for.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2004-09-22

0.0.9b - Released Fixes For WDTE Preview

This is the redeployed version as promised. agfitzp - 15/09/2004

This should fix the issues with non functional features from wdte.ui such as the browser preview and view and preference categories.

Please log any issues as bugs, detail would be appreciated. For example, a repeatable testcase and stack traces.

[HINT - "It doesn't work" is not a repeatable testcase...]

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2004-09-15

Problems testing/running the WDTE preview with 3.0?

Please log any issues as bugs, detail would be appreciated. For example, a repeatable testcase and stack traces.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2004-08-13

WDTE Preview for Eclipse 3.0 JavaScript Editing Released

Release Name: wdte.js-0.0.9

A fully functional preview of Eclipse 3.0 JavaScript editing support from the project.

- net.sourceforge.jseditor becomes net.sf.wdte.js
- Changes to support R 3.0 API
- Refactoring to differentiate between core and ui packages

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2004-07-28

JSEditor will be replaced by WDTE to support Eclipse 3.x

Support for 3.0 will be release from the wdte project:

Need it sooner rather than later? Pull the source from CVS
and build it.

It's called opensource for a reason folks.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2004-06-22

JSEditor 0.0.4 Released - Eclipse 3.0 port

Ported to Eclipse 3.0 (Milestone 5) by

I was able to get the JavaScript editor to work on Eclipse 3.0M5 with very little work -- a basic search and replace in the classpath (changing _2.1.0 to _3.0.0), adding one JAR file, and and adding a handful of entries to the plugin.xml file.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-12-10

Install Instructions for the faint of heart...

N.B. The current codestream apparently only works with Eclipse 2.X not the 3.x milestone builds.

- Close eclipse

- The zipfile should be extracted (with all the directory information) into the plug-ins directory of your eclipse install.

- Unfortunately the current process assumes that the root of the eclipse directory tree is called "eclipse". If this is not the case, simply extract the zipfile into some other place and copy the net.sourceforge.jseditor<version> directory into the eclipse plug-in directory.... read more

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-09-30

JSEditor 0.0.3 Released

0.0.3 Is basically a few bug fixes plus a new preference so that editors of large files can disable automatic outlining.

When automatic outlining is disabled, the outline will only be rebuilt after the file is saved.

- Fixed global function references bug
- Fixed inst var length hilighting bug
- Added "Automatic Outlining" as Preference

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-06-21

Need some feedback for 0.0.3 priorities

If anyone's actually using this, or would if some particular feature was available, I'd like to have some feedback on bugs/performance/missing features etc...

It appears that the sourceforge download stats are messed up so I don't even know if anyone's playing with the editor.

I'm moving between now and the end of July, so my time is at a premium right now, but I hope to complete another round of changes for the end of August.... read more

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-06-19

JSEditor 0.0.2 Released

Notes: Mostly bug fixing and code maintainance.

Changes: Outlining is now done against the active document while the user is typing.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-05-30

Source is now in CVS

The complete source code for addi.jseditor and net.sourceforge.jseditor are now available from CVS

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-05-28

New Release

A reworked version of the plug-in is now available as net.sourceforge.jseditor 0.0.1

Note that the version number is less than that for addi.jseditor, this is intended to indicate that it is not bullet-proof and should be considered beta quality at best.

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-05-28

Under New Management

Adrian has kindly allowed me to take over administration of jseditor, sometime in the next few weeks the source will be available in CVS, a 2.0 version will appear with the following features:

So far I've added keyword hi lighting and global variables in the outline and recognition for OO development in JS. (ie functions who's prototypes are extended, or the this reference is used to assign to a new variable, show up as classes in the outline. I'll send you a screenshot on Monday.)... read more

Posted by Alex Fitzpatrick 2003-05-26