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  • KrAsEE sUxxR

    KrAsEE sUxxR - 2003-10-27


    I am currently working on a rather big JS-Project and i wish to have a debugger for IE so much but there seems to be nothing like that. It s*cks royally because i spend much time looking at the errors the explorer brings up and searching for them in the php-generated code because more than 1 js file is used and "error at line 414" means i have to run thru what the browser gets and search for that line. Is there anything that can handle the IE-DOM and manage projects consisting of several files that go thru server-side processing. If you know anything that could help me it would be great! thank you very much and keep up the good work :)

    --bla relax

    • Charles Fulnecky

      Have you tried Microsofts own script debugger?  It's a little clunky and it doesn't integrate into any 3rd Party IDE's but it does let you set breakpoints in any and all loaded script files, allows you to dynamically enter scripting code and allows you to navigate the call stack.  It's a free download at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/downloads/list/webdev.asp

      • Charles Fulnecky

        Sorry, wasn't paying attention to the dynamically generated code part.  I doubt you would find anything that sophisticated with the ability to link mid-tier code generating routines to the resulting client scripts.  The simplest thing to do might be to add comments in the generated script that pointed you to the corresponding mid-tier code.  Good luck and please post any holistic solutions you might run across.


    • Rajendra Singh

      Rajendra Singh - 2003-11-12

      Actually, the Script Debugger shows the generated code which is (I think) what you want since that's what the line number is based on.

      Working with JSPs and remote scripting and lotsa javascript/DOM, it actually works pretty well for me.  I can even see the remote script that gets generated..

      Of course, integrating the debugger with Eclipse would be ideal, I had started to look into but put it aside, that would be a big project...



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