Kevin O'Dwyer

JsDOSBox is a JavaScript port of jDosbox. It is capable of running dos programs from the early 90's.

Test page http://jsdosbox.sourceforge.net

For a demonstration of JsDOSBox running a shareware game go to http://jsdosbox.appspot.com. And running DOS demos at http://retropcdemos.appspot.com.

To see a more general x86 PC emulator which boots FreeDOS and Linux see my other project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jspcemulator/. It was mostly coded in 2010, src uploaded early 2011. Hasn't seen much changes since mid 2011.

See README.txt in source tree for instructions.


Jan 2016
- Dropbox integration
- Resurrected alternate code for reading from zip files
- Fix for handling left/right alt/shit/control keys

Feb 2015
- Mouse control improved
- 15,16,32 bit colour modes added

Jan 2015
- Better performance
- Sound re-implemented. Sound now stereo. Also works in Firefox

Sept 2014
- Re-baselined from a more recent jdosbox codebase
- fixed sound following chrome browser changes
- removed various failed experiments
- added screen scaling
- amount of memory available to emulator is now configurable
- background color is now configurable
- auto run parameter has been simplified

Note: Some properties have been removed and others changed
This release offers modest improvement in performance

June 2013
- Re-baselined from a more recent jdosbox codebase
- More comprehensive zip file support added
- New js dynarec (3rd attempt, still a work in progress)
- Removed a number of failed experiments
- Keyboard event handling much better now
- It should now be much easier to use. See readme.txt for instructions.
This release is the first with a beta tag from the previous alpha status, even though some things are not correct.
Note: Some properties have been removed and others changed

July 2012
- Attempted to fix CanvasScaled screen option
- Added new Javascript compiling core based on the more recent dynarec in jdosbox. Not active

April 2012
- NOTE: some property defaults have changed
- Added ability to capture/override current property settings as URL parameters
- Almost completed Zip filesystem Handling
- Finally added support for cycle tuning
- Mouse emulation (more work required)
- Added mute button
- Other minor changes

March 2012
- Added Zip file handling (still a work in progress as write IO is yet to be implemented)
- improved Configuration dialog
- fixed bug in JavaScript 'compiler'
- undone some of the previous month's optimizations (short -> int)
- further work in the sound subsystem converting arrays[] to TypedArrays
- numerous other fixes

February 2012
- Added GUS sound card emulation
- Added ability to upload hdd images and configure emulator from web page dialog
- Updated codebase to match recent jdosbox changes (partial)
- Added numerous optimizations after profiling (removing Long types etc)
- Javascript 'compiler' now much more efficient (update mar 2012 - actually no)

January 2012
- Now uses TypedArrays for memory, disk, screen & sound buffers
- Added WebGL renderer and CSS transform scaling
- Added GameBlaster and Adlib audio devices
- Now uses WebAudio API.

December 2011
- Added SoundBlaster and PC Speaker emulation. try http://retropcdemos.appspot.com

November 2011
- Completed work on the Javascript 'compiler'

October 2011
- 7Zip compression for disk images
- Improved compatibility
- Added a JavaScript 'compiler' to dynamic core
- other minor bits and pieces

September 2011
Re-baselined from a more recent jdosbox codebase.

August 2011
First upload to sourceforge

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