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JSDC 1.3: Some eye candy!

As has been indicated in the forum, a file called effects.js has been added to the library.
It contains a nifty class called animation, which purpose is to facilitate non-blocking and browser-independent DHTML-animations.
It is actually quite a nice piece of code and has even a IEHandicap property to make it look as if IE is as fast as the others.
Which it isn't, BTW. By far.

Anyway, it is documented at: http://jsdc.sourceforge.net/docs_reference.php#effects.js... read more

Posted by Zig 2007-04-26

JSDC 1.2: Additional(i.e. forgotten) information

Hi again,
There were some other things i forgot to mention:

First, I need more feedback on JSDC like:
* how you use it
* where you use it(description or URL)
* what you like and don't.
* Was/is something hard to understand? Too easy(yeah right)?

Anyway, please help out by sending a small message to me, zig007, here: http://sourceforge.net/sendmessage.php?touser=1281892

Second, at http://www.menialtools.com/GI_calculator.php there is a working implementation of nested history. For example, the http://www.menialtools.com/include/application/GI_calculator.js - addFood()-function uses it. I know that the site is butt-ugly but i am a little bit..aesthetically challenged one could say..... read more

Posted by Zig 2007-02-25

JSDC 1.2: Nested undo/redo (almost like real transactions)


So, the undo/redo history is now a tree-structure and supports nesting.
This is to allow for a better user experience and security,
since functionality that implicitly creates a number of actions for each user action the functionality can group those actions and rollback in case of failure.
Also, when a user edits a tableview value, which in turn affects many other values, the user do not expect having to click "undo" 200 times, just because some triggered functionality updated 200 other values.... read more

Posted by Zig 2007-02-24

JSDC 1.1 : Temporarily moved/redirected homepage.

The sourceforge shell server is down until february 21, so i haven't been able to update the documentation on the project homepage at http://jsdc.sourceforge.net

Therefore, i have created a temporary mirror(which has the updated 1.1 documentation) on http://www.menialtools.com/temp/index.php

I haven't had the time to fix all link so maybe a few images won't show but i hope you'll manage without the fancy(?) stuff.... read more

Posted by Zig 2007-02-17

JSDC 1.1: Brings undo/redo-history(appl.-wide) to the web!!

As of this release, JSDC(Javascript Data Components) boasts an undo/redo history!
This functionality can be accessed through the application objects undo() and redo() - functions.
Currently, only data-aware components(the ones connected to a datatable) is included, but others(like the editor_object) will be added soon(TM).
Also the making, even sooner, is sequences of actions. This is good because for example aggregates can generate a multitude of actions and one would only want the user to have to click once.... read more

Posted by Zig 2007-02-16

JSDC 1.02: Features fixes, features and a code generator

A new and shiny JSDC has arrived!
Check the change log for details: http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=484153&group_id=162613
Also, to help speed the development a little, a code generator at http://www.menialtools.com/JSDC_generator_simple.php
Check it out!

Posted by Zig 2007-02-05

JSDC 1.01. Fixes and multiple/flexible types.

This new version of JSDC features mainly bugfixes, but also a new and serious datatype: "multiple".
This type allows for multiple values of different types in the same column. And what's more is that which values and types there are can be different on each row(!).
It is a little difficult to explain actually.
I am trying at http://jsdc.sourceforge.net/docs_reference.php#datatypes

Posted by Zig 2006-09-11

JSDC 1.0! + New homepage with docs and examples

Yes, it's true!
JSDC 1.0 has finally washed up on the shores of sourceforge. As 1.0 versions should, it consists mostly of fixes and only minor additions.
The homepage at http://jsdc.sourceforge.net has been totally remade to contain documentation, references and examples.

Have fun!


Posted by Zig 2006-08-28

JSDC 0.91 : Large commit and many new things

This is a quite large commit and many things have changed in the Javascript Data Domponents.
For example, the code for all data aware objects(dao) has been moved from dataview.js to dao_tree.js, dao_table.js, dao_select.js and dao_input_group.js(the last being quite empty at the moment, being unimplemented).

Also, lookup editors(drop-down) are now available in the table data aware object and input validation has been cleaned up.... read more

Posted by Zig 2006-08-02

JSDC 0.90 : Major rewrite

Major rewrite, added tableview-editing, completed all change events for the tableview.

View the JavaScript Data Components at work in it's fantastic glory at:

Posted by Zig 2006-07-10

JSDC 0.87 : More bug fixes

Basically, this release only fixes two bugs, the annoying IE alert box in application.js and a refresh problem in dataview.js.

I am also getting a little bit better at CVS, so it's version tags aligns with the release numbers.

I've just created a 0.9 branch and started implementing live editability in the tableview.

Back with that soon.


Posted by Zig 2006-06-25

JSDC 0.86 : Important update!

Bugfixes. Bugfixes. Bugfixes.
0.86 consists almost entirely of bugfixes, and is a quite important update.
The case might even be that some might not have been able to get JSDC working at all, since there was a severe bug in the master-detail functionality, which simply didn't work unless one also hade a condition set!
Anyway, now it is a much better library. As usual, look at http://www.menialtools.com/GI_calculator.php for it flexing it's growing muscles...:-)

Posted by Zig 2006-06-18

JSDC 0.8.1 - Important bugfix

The query cache cached too much.
It also cached before and after insertions, which meant that inserts or removals stopped propagating.
The dataview cache is now cleared by the datatable when inserts are made.

Regression time...

Posted by Zig 2006-05-28

JSDC 0.8 - Query cache galore (and faster in IE 6)

The JavaScript Data Components (JSDC) has been improved upon.

* A query cache
* Added stateClass and captionClass for controlling CSS in tree view.

* Bad performance under IE 6 (removal of unecessary .length)
* Deleted tablehandling.js and selecthandling.js since they are not used.

Posted by Zig 2006-05-24

JSDC 0.7 - The treeview has arrived(finally).

The 0.7 release of the Javascript Data Components has gotten a treeview.

Look at it live at http://www.menialtools.com

Posted by Zig 2006-05-15

JSDC 0.55 A small but important...

..update. Added functionality for reading a datafile from the server using XMLHTTPRequest.
See www.menialtools.com for an example where a .csv file is loaded.

Posted by Zig 2006-04-03

First code-release of JSDC!

The JavaScript Data Components consists of code libraries that are written to give developers of dynamic web pages an easy and fast way of making their applications more powerful using master-detail relations, events, conditions and data-aware components. This first version does these things quite well. Actually. :-)

Posted by Zig 2006-03-27