I'm using Apache Camel 2.9.1 which in turn uses jsch 0.1.44 for its sftp support.

Our application polls a remote sftp server once a minute 24/7. Whenever a file is discovered in a remote folder it is downloaded. We connect and disconnect for every poll.

We have had problems from time to time with this. After the negotiation phase, Camel performs a directory listing of the remote folder (don't know what exact commands are being used). About once a month, the thread freezes when doing this and never returns which means that the polling stops. I have noticed that Jsch is now on version 0.1.48. I wonder, have any errors been fixed between version 0.1.44 and 0.1.48 that could improve my situation?

If so, then I would ask the Camel team to upgrade to Jsch version 0.1.48.