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I'll try this idea.



On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 7:21 PM, Paul Ebermann <Paul-Ebermann@gmx.de> wrote:
Leonardo K. Shikida skribis:
> I would like to use JSch to create a secure tunnel to the target host
> and use this tunnel to transport bytes for a mysql connection. But I
> would not like that this tunnel would be accessible from any other user
> logged in the same machine.
> Is that feasible?

From the JSch side, jes.

Don't use the port forwarding functions (which create local sockets),
but start a direct-tcp channel, and write/read from its pair of Streams.

I used this to tunnel a JSch connection through an JSch connection.

The problem now is: How do we tell the JDBC driver to use the tunnel
instead of opening a new Socket?

It looks like there is a socketFactory configuration property for the
MySQL JDBC driver:

Though that property provides the class name, not an object, so you'll
have to pass your JSch Session through a static or thread-local static
variable to that class. Not optimal. Complain to MySQL so they provide a
method to configure that using objects instead of class names.

In the Socket factory's connect() method you'll then have to create an
instance of a custom subclass of Socket whose 'getInputStream' and
'getOutputStream' methods return the streams from the Channel.

Good success

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