Thx for hint. Will try later on. Just downloaded the "JCE strong encryption" package for Java 8.

2014-07-28 18:24 GMT+02:00 Alan Ezust <>:
I am also having trouble using jsch with java8. I already posted my problem to this list earlier.
Basically, the jEdit FTP plugin doesn't work for me in Java 8.

But your problem is different, and one I might be able to help you with. you may need to install the JCE full key-strength encryption.

On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 9:18 AM, Marc Logemann <> wrote:

we are using JSch as transport mechanism for EDI data to a different company for about 7 years now. Today we upgraded to Java 8 and now when we try to connect, we get:

 Session.connect: Key is too long for this algorithm

Currently we use: 

<dependency org="com.jcraft" name="jsch" rev="0.1.42"/>

Our code is like this..

Session session = jsch.getSession(sftpUser, sftpHost);
UserInfo ui = new SFTPClientWrapper.MyUserInfo();

So some questions arise :-)

1) will upgrade to latest version of JSch help me?

2) do you know the error in general? I dont have any clue because i dont do anything with keys. IMO its some kind of internal issue with java and JSch.

Thanks for any hints.


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