Paul said that he talked to Richard Pryor about dropping the N-word many years ago when he dropped it from his act.
John told Howard he wanted to make a political statement.
Robin said she'd like to see Raquel Welch now. He got back to the Michael Richards thing and said that Richards gave him a really tight hug and told him about how he's not a racist.
Robin asked if he ever saw them kiss. Howard said that he thinks that it's kind of ridiculous that they want him to pay this family. John didn't make a cent, he didn't even get that out before Howard figured it out. Next thing they knew John had fallen in love with Yoko. Paul thinks that he's one of the originators who used the word in his act so that's probably why they asked him. Howard thanked Paul for coming in to clear things up.
He said that they were told that Springsteen was there and the guy was going to bring them back there.
robin said that Paul Mooney is coming in today and she read that he's said he thinks that Richard was suicidal over the whole thing.
John figured it was that ''scumbag the midget'' calling in to goof on him so he wasn't going to respond to it.
John said that he got the shaft in more ways than one with that whole deal.
Paul said that there was a comedian who got beat up after using the N-word on stage.