Hi.  New guy here.
I've recently embarked on a (possibly foolish) mission to learn Java by porting a suite of scripts from Perl, starting with one that does non-interactive SFTP.  I'm not wholly unprepared for this journey, as I've programmed in a variety of other languages, but the (ahem) limited documentation of jsch has me somewhat stymied.
The general flow of my program goes like this:
* Establish connection using login information held in environment variables (userid, hostname, password) [getting via java.util.Properties].
* Automatically accept host key (or not) based on boolean parameter.  Throw exception if accept=false and key not known.
* Execute get or put for named file.
* Disconnect.
Simple, right?  Maybe.  It's not obvious to me from reading the examples where the acceptance of the host key happens. I've hacked the session connection enough that I think establishing the connection will work, but I've got to get the whole session established (host key and all) before I can test, as there's no interactivity.
Can anyone help?  Has anyone else here done something similar?  Code snippets are appreciated.



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