Hi Atsuhiko,

Since all other SFTP functions are calling the same function, don't change any logic. I got another idea. If you can change the following function from "private' to "public", then I will work different logic to make my SFTP calls successful to different servers.
private void setCwd(String cwd){
This way, it will not affect the logic of the current systems in any manner. Please think about this option.

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Rajendra K

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 9:11 PM, Atsuhiko Yamanaka <ymnk@jcraft.com> wrote:

  +-From: Rajendra Prasad <rajenkprasad@gmail.com> --
  |_Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 20:41:18 -0600 ___________
  |I am sorry. You are right. Both mean the same. Please proceed with the
  |change you specified. Is it possible for you to give me the new jar file to
  |test on my side? Since we are using both absolute and relative paths to
  |transfer files to different systems, I will also test on my side and will
  |give you the status.

That change will cause problems for other methods in ChannelSftp,
because they expects that the file pathname is in the absolute path style.
Frankly to say, that change is not required for other users and
our customers, so there is not an enough reasons for us to
invest time for it.
Please try that change by yourself and find how to change other methods.

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