ausperger - 2007-11-30

Hello, I need help. I have connected to my sftp server but to another not. I need to connect to the 'another' server. The connect method throws "Auth cancel" but when I try sftp console command line where I use only user name and password (sftp user@server:/path), the connection is ok. Where is an error? Where can I find some proper examples or how can I try out if the 'another' server supports all requirements for jsch connection?

Thank you.

I have this code:

session = jsch.getSession(user[0], url.getHost(), 22);
session.setUserInfo(new URLUserInfo("someuser"));

public static class URLUserInfo implements UserInfo, UIKeyboardInteractive {
        private String password;
        public URLUserInfo(String password) {
            this.password = password;
        public String getPassword() {            return null;    }
        public boolean promptYesNo(String str) {    return true;    }
        public String getPassphrase() {            return null    }
        public boolean promptPassphrase(String message) {    return true;    }
        public boolean promptPassword(String message) {    return true;    }
        public void showMessage(String message) {}
        public String[] promptKeyboardInteractive(String destination, String name, String instruction, String[] prompt, boolean[] echo) {
            return new String[] { password };