: invalid LOC header

  • chris skinner

    chris skinner - 2010-09-07

    Anyone know of a good jar for jsch without
    : invalid LOC headers?

    import com.jcraft.jsch.UserInfo; //not found
    import com.jcraft.jsch.Channel; //not found
    import com.jcraft.jsch.JSch; // found
    import com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException; // found
    import com.jcraft.jsch.Session; // found

  • chris skinner

    chris skinner - 2010-10-03

    solution: download the jar, not the zip
    I got 2 versions …          196,658 jsch-0.1.43.jar
    ….         196,658 jsch-0.1.43.jar
    which are NOT identical. One works (java can find all class, but the unzipped one is damaged)
    Not a jsch problem?

    - This may be a problem with our firewall destroying some zip files.
    On another occasion I had to walk out and get zip files from a local Internet Cafe


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