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call me stupid but...

Monkey Man
  • Monkey Man

    Monkey Man - 2002-11-14

    i was wondering what the point in starting ANOTHER javassh2 project when theres already one availbale ?

    thank you

    • David Becks

      David Becks - 2002-11-22

      Are there not a few available? jsch, sshtools, jta, mindterm, ssh4j (nice name but i dont think its ever released anything)

      I am not the project admin of jsch but I saw your post and felt it necersary to comment as I have used all the available implementations.

      I'm sorry to say that this project does provide the best implementation despite being small and compact. It leaves room for improvement in the documentation (some java docs would be nice)

      My prefered choice out of all of them is sshtools, I am heavliy involved with SSH as sys admin and curious developer and have found it useful. There are still features it requires such as port forwarding, X11 forwarding and SFTP that it does not implement but surely these cannot be far away (in fact i put in a feature request for port forwarding and have been told it will be in the next release) and the additional extensible features and server implementations make it a must for any curious SSH guru.

      I do however miss the x11 forwarding in the sshtools project so am using jsch atm. But be warned I will leave jsch behind once they support it, becasue it has so much more to offer.

      Unless of course jsch suprises me.


    • Joachim H

      Joachim H - 2007-01-15

      ok, its almost 5 years since the above posting and all I can say is: jsch rocks! I've tried all the other java implementations of OpenSSH client and this one is by far the best.

    • Steve Perkins

      Steve Perkins - 2008-03-20

      I must also note that I've had a good experience with jsch. There's a bug that causes a session connecting with an incorrect password to endlessly try reconnects, which causes some SFTP servers to lock down the account for too many failures (fixed by shoe54\). However, I tried jta and a few other libraries, looking for SFTP functionality, and jsch wins out hands-down. Perhaps it's just my skill level, but I found jsch to be MUCH easier to use than any other library I tried, and the jsch page has a number of examples for various operations that helped.

      Regardless of a few bugs, my kudos to the author of jsch for his work and for making it freely available.


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