SSH 1.99 vs SSH 2.0

  • cata

    cata - 2004-02-24

    JSch is a pure Java implementation of SSH2. I'm using Jsch API for secure copying (scp) files from one server to remote server.   Jsch API works for SSH -Protocol 1.99 but NOT for SSH- Protocol 2.0.

    • cata

      cata - 2004-02-24

      Is there any configuration changes i have to modify in order Jsch work with SSH Protocol 2.0 (remote server).

    • cata

      cata - 2004-02-24

      I'm using Jsch-0.1.12 version.  Can some help out to resolve this. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Daniel Bevenius

      Daniel Bevenius - 2004-06-30


      I know that this is an old message but though that I might respond anyway,  incase someone else is having the same problem.

      Have a look at this page which gives som background to the problem: .

      What I did was build SSH1( and get an older version(1.2.XX).

      Just make it, but dont install, instead only scp to /usr/local/bin.

      Please let me know if are still having problems.




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