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I have marked JSBSim Commanded as "Inactive". JSBSim code itself has progressed much since Commander was last updated. JSBSim Commander will not work with the latest JSBSim code and flight model configurations.

Posted by Jon S. Berndt 2011-10-09

Status: March 2007

CVS now appears to have a viable, compilable, set of code. There is a new sensor dialog being added, to correspond to the new-ish sensor model in JSBSim. If you try it out, please post some feedback to the mailing list to let us know how you like it.

Posted by Jon S. Berndt 2007-03-02

JSBSim Commander source code submitted

The source code for JSBSim Commander (initial implementation by Matthew Gong) has been placed in CVS. You must have wxWindows installed in order to compile the code.

JSBSim Commander is a GUI front end for creating JSBSim aircraft models.

Posted by Jon S. Berndt 2006-05-01

JSBSim Commander on SourceForge

JSBSim Commander is being hosted on SourceForge, with initial development by Matthew Gong. JSBSim Commander is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the open source flight dynamics model, JSBSim (www.jsbsim.org). JSBSim is one of the flight models used by the open source flight simulator known as FlightGear (www.flightgear.org).

Posted by Jon S. Berndt 2006-04-19