get/set properties of RuleEngineObjects

  • erh

    erh - 2009-01-02

    I am trying to implement a small test program based on the documentation:

    How to use the rule engine to get/set properties of RuleEngineObjects 
    (url: )

    I downloaded jruleengine, v1.3 and jsr94.jar but I could not locate the interface org.jruleengine.RuleEngineObject

    Am I missing any other jars or the documentation is out of date?

    Please Advice. Thanks!

    • skybutter

      skybutter - 2009-02-04

      Same issue here.  The downloaded source code also won't compile.  The RuleAdministratorImpl and RuleExecutionSetProviderImpl have compilation problem.

      The RuleAdministratorImpl has the following compilation error:
      The type RuleAdministratorImpl must implement the inherited abstract method
      RuleAdministrator.unregisterRuleExecutionSet(String, Map).

      The RuleExecutionSetProviderImpl has the following compilation error:
      The type RuleExecutionSetProviderImpl must implement the inherited abstract method
      RuleExecutionSetProvider.createRuleExecutionSet(Document, Map)

      I got the current JSR94-1.0 jar from Sun.  Is it a problem with the jsr94.jar?
      The class runs fine.

      Please help.

    • skybutter

      skybutter - 2009-02-04

      Nevermind, found the JSR 94 1.1 jar file in Jboss web site.  The compilation error is gone.


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