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This is java version of the classic RISK board game, with a simple map format, network play, 1 player, hotseat, 5 user interfaces and many more features, it works in all OSs that run java 1.4 or higher.

A new map called godstorm has been added. A full map editor is included, and a new 3D view has been added to SwingGUI. There are other minor features and bugfixes.

Posted by Yura 2007-08-23


its only away from
and thats only 0.0.1 away from
wow, anyway new version of Risk.
new translations and hopefully will never have that problem with not finding the maps any more.

Posted by Yura 2007-01-17

new version of Risk

a new version of Risk ( is out that fixes lots of small bugs, yay!

Posted by Yura 2006-01-29


new version of risk, this time its much faster and Dutch has been added

Posted by Yura 2005-12-01


new version of Risk with spanish and russian, also network play setup now works in SwingGUI and there is a new error catching system

Posted by Yura 2005-10-29

French Risk

Risk is out and now supports french!

Posted by Yura 2005-10-10

new Risk

new version of the java Risk game, with some very important bug fixes for the german language and SwingGUI

Posted by Yura 2005-09-18

new Risk

after almost a year a new version of Risk! with German Language added and other fixes and features!

Posted by Yura 2005-05-22

map of switzerland

New map has been added to the home page. This is a map of switzerland made by solli & jeguz. Even more fun can now be had with Risk, the classic board game. even more reason to give it a go!

Posted by Yura 2005-01-15

NEW map guide

i have added a map guide on the home page (http://jrisk.sf.net/) at http://jrisk.sourceforge.net/maps.htm, its very easy to make your own maps for RISK, send in any maps you make to me (yura@yura.net)

Posted by Yura 2004-12-05

more maps for Risk

i have been putting more maps into risk on the 11th i added 1 and on the 17th of July another, so if you downloaded it b4 those dates you may want to re-download it to take advantage of the new maps, its up to you!

Posted by Yura 2004-07-18


not just a new version of Risk but also a new map, tube.map is a map of the London Zone 1 Tube system that you can now battle your way through to win the game!

Posted by Yura 2004-07-10


after not doing much for a long time, and loosing hope that anyone will code me a better AI. i have still decided to make a new version to add some important features. hopefully by next version there will be a better AI, I HOPE!

Posted by Yura 2004-06-25

READ ME, sorry again

if you are not sure if you got the right check that it says it was released on the 20th in the changeLog.txt file included with the game

Posted by Yura 2004-05-21


if you downloaded Risk on the 19th, can you please re-download it as one of the files was corrupt, sorry about this!

Posted by Yura 2004-05-20

new Risk

This is very Recommended as it fixes a couple of core game bugs, it also includes the new game save which supports statistics and has a Beta of the statistics pannel in SwingGUI for Risk.

Posted by Yura 2004-05-19

New Risk

This version of risk ( is much faster then the old one with many small new features and many bug fixes! its better then ever, so pick it up!

Posted by Yura 2004-05-15

First ever release

The first version of Risk is finally out to the public, i bet you are all wetting yourselfs

Posted by Yura 2004-05-11