problem in launching a application(exe)

  • avinash meda

    avinash meda - 2008-04-09

    hi ,
    i ve a problem in launching the media player..wat are the steps to be followed ...
    wat i did was this:included this path in the cmd file
    the server output gives me an exit status of 0(hopefully tats success)..please give me a solution ..thanks in advance

    • Filippo

      Filippo - 2008-04-10

      hi avinashmeda
      could you send me the configuration and batch file you are using?
      If you try to run your cmd file outside jremotecontrol does it work?
      Let me know


    • avinash meda

      avinash meda - 2008-04-10

      hi Filippo,
      yeah my cmd file runs outside jremotecontrol...the file contains nothing but a path like say "c:\intenetexplorer.exe". do i ve to configure something? or anything like that.

    • Filippo

      Filippo - 2008-04-10

      The problem is the follow:
      On windows operative system JremoteControl clears the environmnet and only follow variables are made available to the child process (your script in this case):


      so any other variable must be set explicitly. try as follow:

      first open a command prompt, next type:

      set > c:\temp\myenv.txt

      (you can use an arbitrary path instead of c:\temp) to copy your environment variables in myenv.txt file.

      then open c:\temp\myenv.txt with your preferred text editor and add 'set' instruction at
      the begin of each file line. For example
      PATH=c:\xxxx\yyyy... -->change in--> set PATH=c:\xxxx\yyyy...

      finally copy all file content and paste it in your final script just before D:\wmplayer.exe.


    • avinash meda

      avinash meda - 2008-04-11

      thanks a lot fil its working now.thanks again...


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